Product Manual

By Quadventure Quadtools

For Easy On and Off:

  1. Slide wrist (and shirt cuff) through opening in Elbow Loop. 
  2. Then slide arm into position, followed by the wrist and then hand into their loops. 
Note: Opening in the Elbow Loop should be just big enough to slide your wrist through comfortably and your wrist should fit snug in the Wrist Loop.

Your Quadtool is made from aluminum. Parts can be bent slightly to improve fit, but CARE MUST BE TAKEN. Avoid making sharp bends or bending close to any holes.

It is suggested that the purchaser make only minor changes. If a different sized part is needed to accommodate a better fit, please contact us.

Your Quadtool is designed for quick attachment and detachment to and from the user's arm.

It is Quadventure Quadtools' goal to provide individuals with a useful, long-lasting tool that increases independence.

Here is some helpful advice.

Please read carefully. Patience and practice are recommended. You will discover that trying different ways of positioning the tool helps in picking up various objects. Jaws should be centered over cans and bottles. When retrieving coins, both jaws must contact coin simultaneously. The small inner pinchers provide extra leverage to help grab slippery magazines and books.


  • NEVER mount or carry your Quadtool on a wheelchair in a way that could interfere with wheelchair's moving parts.
  • NEVER mount your Quadtool on a wheelchair in any way that could interfere with the hand controls on the vehicle.
  • NEVER use your Quadtool to plug in or unplug electrical cords.
  • NEVER use your Quadtool to operate tools or machinery (switches, valves, controls, etc.).
  • NEVER use your Quadtool to handle potentially dangerous objects such as hazardous liquids or hot items from ovens, stoves, matches, etc.
  • your Quadtool has sharp-cornered jaws and care should be taken to avoid injury to the user, other people, pets or damageable objects.
  • Care must be taken when attempting to lift heavy objects above the user's waist, as there is potential for your Quadtool to "kick back" towards the user's head and upper body if the object slips out of the jaws. This is especially true for users with limited tricep muscle function.
  • Be careful when going through doorways with your Quadtool.

REMEMBER: your Quadtool is a tool, and as with using any tool, common sense must be employed by the user and other people in proximity to the user for safe operation.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason your Quadtool requires an adjustment that is beyond your capability, you may send it back for a free re-fitting. We recommend that you keep the original box your Quadtool is shipped in until any and all adjustments have been made. Our aim is to provide a well-fitted, functioning tool for fellow quads and others.

Thank you for your order.

For any questions, please call, e-mail or write us at:

Quadventure Quadtools
919 Key Rd.
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Phone: (530) 303-7060